15 Minute Sewing Project: DIY Cycling Leg Band



I gave myself 15 minutes for this project, but it ended up taking more like 30 because I had to sift through all my materials until I figured out how to proceed without velcro.  I was determined to make a pair of cycling leg bands with only the items I already had in my stash.  I thought I had velcro, but turns out I didn’t.   Instead I found one-inch thick elastic.


Thinking about a fabric to cover it wasn’t getting me anywhere.  I needed some type of stretchy jersey that was eye-catching.  Which would end up looking like a hair scrunchie once I finished.  Not a good idea because you-know-who would not want to wear a hair scrunchie over his jeans when he’s biking!


Then it hit me! I can just use the elastic straight up as it is, color it with a fluorescent highlighter, measure and stitch it closed for a perfect fit.










Done!  Added bonus is that there’s no velcro to snag on other things (does this happen to other people? I always end up snagging something whenever there’s velcro nearby!).


Bon weekend!




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