My 2013 Recap: The year of the… Tortoise?

I decided yesterday’s watercolor drawing should be my symbol for 2013.  There she is– what a slow yet dignified (determined?) tortoise!

In my personal review of lessons learned in 2013, slow speeds were an overarching  theme. As it was the first year that I spent working only for myself, there were plenty of new challenges.  Namely that I didn’t actually start doing anything worthwhile until we had settled into our place in Brussels and all of our summer guests (and we loved having you all!!) cleared out.

World, where have you been for the past six years!?  There are so many things out there that I had no clue were happening: creativeLIVE, Seth Godin, Photoshop– when did you get so fancy?  This self-directed-study-thing is amazing!

For anyone who is stopping by from my travel photo blog Fearntrail, thank you for hanging in there.  I want this new blog to be more than just photos and drawings; it will be an exploration of the arts in general, encouraging discussion on a variety of topics as well as posting about relevant events and inspiration in and around Brussels.

I have so many things to share… but let’s just start with my biggest surprises from 2013:

  • Even when I have complete freedom over my daily schedule, there is still never enough time.  (For some reason this came as a huge surprise.)
  • Writing down goals and self-tracking actually work!  After the third week in a row realizing I’m not spending my time doing what I should be doing, I finally can’t stand it anymore and I stop procrastinating.
  • A fabulous book can invigorate my life and spice up my thinking.  I’ve always enjoyed reading, but this year it became a more important way for me to explore new ideas and new methods of doing things (I no longer have a group of fabulous co-workers to inspire me).
  • It’s not about not having time.  That is, it’s not that I didn’t have time to do something… I decided not to  make it a priority.
  • Everyday do the most important thing first.

Thanks to Laura Vanderkam who opened my eyes to the last two (on a creativeLIVE class).

Here’s to a productive 2014!

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