Back to Work

After a few weeks of visitors, things are getting back to normal around here, which is a good thing, because this month is Etsy School (bootcamp!) and I have tons of things on my list to improve in my Etsy shop.  I’ve been paired up with a very talented jewelry designer Tamara at WOLF JEWELS who is critiquing my shop and who has already given me tons of helpful suggestions and creative ideas.


I’ve been working on mini buildings based on some photos I took while touring around these past few weeks.  Above is a wonderful coffee shop Barrazza on the canal in Ghent.  It’s cute on the outside, and has a chill atmosphere inside!

What’s new in Brussels?  We enjoyed a few gorgeous days last week hiking in the Foret des Soignes.  Here are a few shots (including the top image on this page):

Foret des Soignes


Next up: more watercolors and a new video for Etsy and my site!  Stay tuned. 😉

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