Brussels by bike– have you tried it yet?


I am shocked at how fun it is to bike around Brussels. Recently I’ve been trying to focus more on fitness with running, walking, and making general healthy choices. The recent addition of a bike to the routine has surprised me in many ways. First of all, when running an errand, biking almost makes it– the errand and the exercise– fun. From this new perspective, I’m noticing all kinds of things that I sped by while riding in cars, buses, or trams. Stopping mid-path to explore something is a cinch. Veering off track is much easier than doing so during a stroll. Getting lost can even be a pleasure. There’s no frustration resulting from 30 minutes spent waiting for a tram!


Before all of this, walking was usually my preferred mode of transit. Now I realize that a much bigger world has opened up thanks to the bike; the city’s wooded pathways are no longer 40 minutes away– they are practically at my doorstep. There are many more forests that are now explorable! And since cycling is becoming a popular option due to increasing traffic, Brussels has been making a real effort to add biking paths throughout the city. People have been championing the benefits of cycling for ages, but I had written it off before giving it a try, remembering it mostly as a childhood activity that helped to pass long summer days.


I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more pleasurable way to commute or to squeeze more exercise into a busy schedule. Next on my list is making a pannier for the bike to avoid the dreaded backpack-sweat-patch on my t-shirts!

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