The Best Burger in Brussels: Tram de Boitsfort



I just had to share this delicious little spot because we’ve been sampling burgers here and there all over the city, and I hadn’t really found one that I was wild about.  Well… the Tram de Boitsfort has made this burger-lover happy!!


I think their success is in the details:  their buns are from the bakery next door (not too bread-y) and are fresh daily, and they have a selection of their own dipping sauces.  There are a few different types of burger varieties (including a BBQ and Savoyard).  You can find them all listed on their website.  They’re not too big to just pick up and eat–you don’t need a fork and knife (like many of the burger restaurants you find around here).  The fries are crispy and delicious.  And for vegetarians, they also make a pretty tasty Portobello mushroom burger with goat cheese and onions.


The catch:  they have only a tiny indoor dining room in the tram.  Otherwise, you have to eat outside on their picnic benches, or carry away to eat in a nearby park, both of which options are lovely in warmer weather.


Tram de Boitsfort

Place Payfa, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Tel. 02/675.82.91



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