Eliminating the question: To do or not to do? The 100 Days Project.

24 days into The 100 Day Project


Over the past three and a half weeks, I’ve been participating in a project started by Elle Luna in collaboration with one of my favorite blogs: The Great Discontent. The challenge in simple in theory: create something every day for 100 days and share each day’s work on Instagram.

I’m working on a project that I’ve had on my mind to start for over a year. It’s a children’s book about grandparents who are forced into adopting a little dog who they eventually fall in love with and who changes their lives for the better.

There are three reasons why getting involved with The 100 Day Project has turned out to be a great motivator for me:
1) I’ll be honest… it can be painful on some days to share my work, but the Instagram audience has been supportive and encouraging all along the way.
2) I have to physically produce something each day, and seeing my work add up over time is a powerful energizing force.
3) Getting started and breaking a big project down into little pieces forces me to work out all the details I hadn’t realized were important, and I can adjust the course as I go.


When you don’t give yourself the choice of whether or not you’d like to create something, each day you are forced to figure out how it will fit into your schedule – when you’ll get it done, when you’ll take the photo and post your work. You’re thinking about it all the time, planning ahead, finding a way to make the space and time.

I know that I’m still early in the process, but based on my experience thus far, I may make this personal project time mandatory from now on. It’s similar to the 15-minutes of creative time Sam Bennett suggests in Getting it Done. Make the work; get it out; done is better than perfect!

I’ve made some quick collage of images I’ve been posting:



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