Inspiring Closing Statements and Endings for Your Snail-Mail Letters


Keeping Letter Writing Fun and Fresh


In anticipation of my new stationery collection launching next week on Etsy, I’ve been reflecting on the art of letter writing. My childhood was happily sprinkled with letters of the old-fashioned-snail-mail kind (my grandmother was always the most generous letter-writer, and remains so today at age 95), and I have saved cards and letters from all periods of my life—sometimes even when they were only one sentence long, if that sentence was meaningful to me. Despite our world’s changing methods of communication, letters remain as captivating as always—I think because of their physicality. Isn’t it wonderful to feel warmth of the sender’s presence via their handwriting even before tearing open the envelope? Because of these reasons, I don’t think that working to improve our letter-writing skills is misplaced energy, even in this digital age!


One aspect of my letters that I’ve been wanting to improve are the closing remarks: Sincerely, Best regards, and even Love are feeling played out and unoriginal. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled to help get the juices flowing.


Ever lovingly,


Devotedly yours,

Unchangeably yours,


I’ll see you soon,

Respectfully yours,

Write soon,

I do love you, (this one was was used by Elizabeth Taylor in a thank-you note to Andy Warhol)

Lots of love,
To be continued…
Au revoir,
May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true,
Over the river and through the woods,
Happy trails to you,
Over and out,
Adoringly Yours,


There are many creative suggestions on this blog— these were my favorites:

Yours till…

Yours till the Hersheys’s Kiss,

Yours till the candle sticks,

Yours till the ice ages,

Yours till banana splits,



This blog has all kinds of Latin phrases for letters.  These were my favorites for the closing words:
Ab imo pectore “From the bottom of my heart”
Semper fidelis “Always faithful”
Amor sempiternus “Eternal Love”
Fide et amor “Faithfully and lovingly”
Una in perpetuum “Together forever”
In perpetuum et unum diem “Forever and a Day”



Do you have any favorites that I’m not including here?  Let me know in the comments!


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