I’ve Been Re-thinking My Blog and Website Layouts…

That Web

This website investigation led me to

  • Skillshare first for hand lettering, next for website design

which led me to:

which led me to:

  • believe I should be learning HTML and CSS so that I can understand and update the whole thing myself. Otherwise I’ll always be annoyed that I can’t figure out how to fix the things on my site that bother me.

The plan is to make it simple, and go from there! I’m already surprised about the amount of free information there is out there, which makes me question why people are paying so much for classes. Psychology of the gym perhaps? Paying for something makes you believe that you’re more likely to follow through with doing it?

I’ve just started telling myself that it’s like learning a new language. Not obvious at first, but once you become familiar with it, things gradually start to make sense. I’m hoping this is what happens!

Does anyone out there have encouraging anecdotes about learning HTML and CSS?

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