Making Connections: Illustration Inspiration from Random Sources



This week I wanted to try a creative suggestion that I found in the book Inspired! by Marcia Yudkin.  She suggested taking two random books off your bookshelf, opening them each to a random page, and finding the connection between what you see on those pages.  I decided to connect my books to the origami cards that I’m working on for my Etsy shop JoJackLee.


The first image is a tiny corner of an illustration by Barbara Cooney from Hattie and the Wild Waves.




My second reference is a Goya image from Le Petit Larousse Illustré (French Encyclopedia).




And the first steps of my connection: the beginning of my next Halloween-themed origami card below:




As far as connecting ideas, I think this little exercise was fun and quite helpful to get the juices flowing.  It may become a bigger part of my idea-generating process.


Stay tuned later in the week for the finished work!




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