Midyear surprise. Goal setting is working… !!!


At the end of 2013 I started a much-recommended-by-everyone 100-dreams list for my life. Some of the items are simple, others will take me years to accomplish. A few examples: get a dog, own homes on two continents, become a pie-baking expert, visit a Belgian vineyard, invest in artists.


I originally intended to start injecting more excitement into the weekends by chipping away at the list, but was recently avoiding having another look at it. This week with the completion (yes, I even shocked myself) of Les Trois Mousquetaires by Dumas, ahem, in French (I’m not claiming to have understood every word!) I realized that this list might be more influential than I originally expected.


Subconsciously I have been ticking things off all year! While the Three Musketeers was more consciously addressed because there was no way I could succeed at that if I waited until June to start, I was surprised to see that I had already started many other things on the list, even though I hadn’t reviewed it in months. Biking! Just got a bike last week. Running! Just started up again this past summer. Sewing! I’ve done a few projects already since the beginning of the year.


The surprise for me is that by giving more thought to all of these would-like-to-do-someday projects, I have made progress! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to squeeze more life out of, well, life.


I’m adding a few bigger items to the end. Hey, if I’m subconsciously heading in the direction…



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