A Mini Book Video: Illustration Workshop at Le Wolf, Brussels

In March I was lucky enough to snag a spot in an illustration workshop with the author Anne Brouillard at Le Wolf in Brussels.


Anne’s illustrations are wonderfully creative and filled with emotion.  Often she makes books without words (here’s her work on Amazon).  For our workshop I chose to work on her proposed theme of voyages.  We got to play around with all different types of paper and mediums.  Usually I work in watercolors, but I tried out ink this time, and realized that I had to work quickly and keep moving, as it stains the paper fast!  I really wanted to finish my book during the class, which took great effort and focus (and a few pages edited from my original plan).  It was a fun challenge to try to tell a story without words, only from imagination, and complete the whole project in five hours, which is about the time I normally spend on one detailed painting.


Additionally I was happy to discover Le Wolf— it’s a wonderful place to know about in Brussels.  They call themselves “The House of Children’s Literature”, and they run all kinds of workshops for kids and adults, as well as operating a bookshop and little cafe.


Voilà– my completed book:


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