Origami Cards Launch + The Secret to Letter Writing



It’s official– my all-in-one envelope/letter cards have launched in Etsy!  Prepping for this launch took weeks (painting the watercolors, photographing them for their digital layouts, checking the jpeg files with actual printouts, doing the photo shoot, uploading everything into Etsy and writing the copy…), and I’m so happy I hit my August deadline!  Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite, or what you think I’m missing– I plan to add new designs every few weeks. You can find them here.


To celebrate this occasion, I wanted to share with you a thought about letter writing that I found on Susan Branch’s blog and really loved.  Each letter that you send to someone else (I think this includes email, too!) is a gift.  Specifically think about what you could write/send (something flat, small, a leaf, etc.), that would be special to that person… a book or movie review?  A funny story or dream?  Maybe a website that you think they would love. Prepare something thoughtful just for them.  I think many of us do this naturally, but I know I can improve my letters just by giving more thought to this idea of a gift.


Happy Writing!





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