A peek into the world behind the art: l’atelier!

Today I’m opening up my doors for a little studio tour!


I am fortunate to have my workshop set up in our second bedroom.  I have to admit that my things really pack the space (which isn’t very large, especially when you set up a huge couch, two large tables and storage cupboards!).  Let’s just say that the wide-angle lens was necessary to frame everything in just a few shots!


The couch is my favorite spot– a great place for dreaming, thinking, taking a break and stewing over ideas.



I do most of my work at this little table:



I still love keeping my schedule in an actual handwritten book.  I like to be able to see the week in one quick glance and flip the pages.



Having a huge worktable is fabulous! It doesn’t give me much maneuvering space in the room, but it wonderful to be able to spread out large projects, have a place for working or cutting paper.  I must admit that this is usually the messiest spot in the room!



Storage, bookshelves, printer… all the necessities…



The newest addition is this armoire– I finally have one place to store all of my fabric!  Yes, I know, it’s already jam-packed.  Now that everything is easily accessible, though, sewing projects are sure to become more frequent.  Stay tuned!



Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 🙂





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