Refreshing the Mindset: 3 Thoughts for a Productive, Creative Week

nature-1Looking for a little encouragement myself on this Monday afternoon, I wanted to share a few thoughts from Sam Bennett that have really stuck with me since I listened to a podcast interview with her a few months ago:


1) She suggests to work 15 minutes each day on your creative project.  Even if you’ve got a full-time job, busy schedule, or many distractions in your life, it seems there is no excuse to avoid doing 15 minutes of work!  Over the long haul, those minutes add up.


2) For all the perfectionists out there, Bennett proposes you get a C on your work!  Eeeek!  Hard to do that for people who only want an A, but really what she’s saying is get it done!  Stop tweaking and obsessing– instead produce and move forward.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.


3) Stop thinking of yourself in terms of ‘but’.  Here’s her example:

I want to be a fashion designer but I’m not glamorous.


Instead, think:

I want to be a fashion designer and I’m not glamorous.



Now you have a point of differentiation and something to talk about!



Thank you Ms. Bennett for some Monday afternoon encouragement! 🙂


Check out her YouTube videos for additional creative advice:


Wishing you a productive week!






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