Short Term Goals: Etsy Holiday Bootcamp for JoJackLee


My planning process has begun for the upcoming holidays!  Etsy has released a packet of materials to assist their sellers with holiday preparations.  This week’s first assignment:  realistic goal setting and tracking.


I’m planning to create a few seasonal items for my origami card line:

–  3 Autumn-themed cards (the first one posted by tomorrow!)

– 2 Halloween cards

– 2 Thanksgiving cards

– 10 Christmas cards

– 2 Hanukkah cards


All of these should be posted by the end of November.  I’ve set dates throughout the months of October and November to keep things moving on track.  I also want to do some festive updating to my store’s shop banner for the holiday season– just like a real storefront!


By the end of this week, I’m planning to have 5 new cards up in my Etsy shop, JoJackLee. A travel series:  Paris, New York and London, a Thank You card, and the Autumn theme card (in progress in the photo above).  A sneak peek at them is the photo below.  I’ll send  an update later this week when they are all posted!



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