The Surprising Beauty of Stamps… Photos of a Collection



I wouldn’t exactly call myself a collector, well, not in the traditional sense of collecting a specific object– I tend to collect fabric, books, things for the kitchen– however, I completely lucked-into a full collection of a variety of stamps (thanks hubby!) to use as props in photos of my origami cards. As someone who had never looked closely at any stamps beyond choosing something fun for Christmas cards or wedding invitations, what has surprised me is the beauty of the collections in their entirety. Organized by countries, there are obvious themes and color palettes which come together into true works of art. I wanted to share a few here for inspiration, but will probably continue to feature some in future posts. Beeeeautiful!


From Romania:




La France:



A few different countries, close up:






Czechoslovakia had some beauties– these are some of my favorites:



Some close ups:




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