My Weekend Sewing Project: A Bike Pannier from Recycled Bags



After wearing the backpack once last week during a short cycling trip (usually it’s hubby who happily takes on that responsibility), I decided I had to make the bike pannier that I’ve been meaning to get around to sewing.  No excuses, I would figure out how to make it with the things we already had at home!  And besides a little bit of velcro that I had to buy, I used only things that were already in my stash.


I started out with these two bags: the Maison Villaret bag because I thought it was pretty, and we never used it much because the handles were too short, and the blue bag which was a publicity giveaway and really big.




I measured the back rack on my bike to make sure that I would get the top straps the correct length so that the bags could just sit across the rack, and I measured a 34cm x 34cm square for each of the blue bags.  I kept half the blue bag in tact and cut an exact square for one of the bags, the other one I had to patch together to get the full size.  Then I had to add the missing side and bottom sections.  Sounds complicated, but it wasn’t that bad.  If you wanted to do the project, one easy way would be to look for bags that are the exact size you want already.


I made some velcro tabs to keep the bag strapped to the bike.






I stitched the Villaret bags all around the edges to get the right size, and attached them at the top back.






During my outdoor photoshoot, the wind was causing the Villaret flap to fly all over the place, which necessitated an immediate adjustment: the addition of some ties which should keep things in place.  Next up, I’ll be road testing this piece!  It better hold up! 🙂







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